The number 8 . Le nombre 8

  The number 8‘‘The next level is to fold the structure into, actually, a spherical element. But you can roll it up so that you don't have to control the whole system. You can fold it so as to build a figure of eight. And all of the construction that I have outlined, you can bring it into the bottom part of the eight. Then the construction is only on the number eight. So then you get control through the number 8 - but this number contains quite a lot of levels of control, which follow each other exactly in the form of a cross,... [Lire la suite]
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Controlling clairvoyance . Le contrôle de la clairvoyance

Controlling clairvoyance‘‘For the development of impulse, i.e., quick development, of controlling clairvoyance, which will enable you to quickly resolve many issues and in a short necessary period of time to ensure eternal life to resolve all issues, the number series is as follows: you should imagine, on the small ball, the numbers of bright silver color, the following numbers: 481597. Then the number series continues as a streak to the big ball, but the number will be of blue color: and the numbers are as follows: 6184. Try to... [Lire la suite]
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♪♩Eternal Life ♪♩

  HelloSince the video which I gave the link in the following post Testimony: Solar flare of June 5, 2014 has disappeared from YouTube, you are welcome to come to Telegram.That being said, it is better to download the Telegram application directly from the Telegram website https://telegram.org/ so that your freedom of expression is respected.This way, you can once again find the censored video on the following Telegram Channel: ♪♩Eternal Life ♪♩https://t.me/EternalLifeVieEternelleThank you for signing up and sharing this... [Lire la suite]
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❤️ Happy ❤️ Birthday ❤️ Grigori ❤️ Christ ❤️

  ❤️ Happy ❤️ Birthday ❤️ Grigori ❤️ Christ ❤️     Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas  PSI: http://www.8888eternity8888.com/archives/2020/10/27/38613621.html    
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Levitation, materialization and dematerialization, telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation

Levitation, materialization and dematerialization, telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation‘‘In the books to come we will also discuss such phenomena as levitation, materialization and dematerialization, telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, etc. These phenomena have remained a puzzle for a long time.The time has come to unravel that puzzle.The humanity in fact has come up to a qualitatively new period in its development: on the agenda are non-dying of the living and the resurrection of those who have gone. And it is no longer a... [Lire la suite]
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God is able of doing everything for you . Dieu est capable de tout faire pour vous

  God is able of doing everything for youAny foreign product in the body of the human being can be removed by God. I remind you that there is a method of resurrection with God from the book of Grigori Grabovoi: "Resurrection and eternal life are from now on our reality". A free e-book "The Resurrection of People and Eternal Life From Now On Is Our Reality!" of Grigori Grabovoi that can be downloaded here : http://www.8888eternity8888.com/archives/2021/01/21/38772172.htmlIn addition to that, dematerialization is a scientific... [Lire la suite]
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Materialization and dematerialization . La matérialisation et la dématérialisation

  Any book created by someone always exists‘‘I’d like to remind here that if creation of some information occurred it exists everywhere and always. Therefore, if an article was written, the corresponding information exists regardless of the fact that the article was dematerialized or not, and even, generally, regardless of existence of its any material basis. Similarly any book created by someone always exists.’’ Tout livre créé par quelqu’un existe pour toujours‘‘Je voudrai rappeler ici que si la création de certaines... [Lire la suite]
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The truth about Gaïa . La vérité sur Gaïa

           Over the Ice-Wall lies other Continents, that's the secret behind the Ant-Artica treaty.This Map hangs inside the UN.Au-delà du Mur de Glace se trouvent d'autres Continents, c'est le secret du traité de l'Ant-ArctiqueCette Carte est accrochée à l'intérieur de l'ONU.      
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Two cosmos . The One God . Deux cosmos . Le Dieu Unique

  Two cosmos . The One God‘‘Hello once again. The topic of today's seminar is my «Teaching about the Cosmos». In this structure of the Teaching, I would like, first of all, to consider that position of human Consciousness, which determines exactly the variant of presence in, for example, the perception, for example, of the Earth God, where man considers the outer cosmic space as a structure of the presence of the divine. Here, in the first place, we consider the variant when a person considers the outer, for example, cosmic... [Lire la suite]
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Methods of building any matter . Méthodes pour construire n’importe quelle matière

 Methods of building any matter ‘‘These are the ten methods of building any matter on the basis of our consciousness I decided to introduce to you. Of course there are still other methods. But these are the ones most adapted to any consciousness.Moreover you got acquainted with the methods of creation of matter in the previous chapters. If to add methodologies outlined here to the principles of resurrection and methods of resurrections, which you have already learned from the previous chapters, you will be able to create any... [Lire la suite]
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