15th day . 15ème jour . 15-й день

15th day:On the second day of the months you practiced concentration on the little finger of the right hand.On the fifteenth day you can use for this purpose some other parts of your body, for example, other fingers, or nails, or something else at your discretion. Further on the concentration is carried out the same way as I explained it for the second day. Seven-digit number: 7788001;Nine-digit number: 532145891. On this fifteenth day of the month you can feel this God’s blessing which is sent down by the Universal mind, which is... [Lire la suite]
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14th day . 14ème jour . 14-й день

14th day:1. On this day of the month you concentrate on the movement of the objects surrounding you. You watch them and ask yourself a question: Why is the cloud moving? Why is it raining? Why can the birds fly? Why altogether is that entire happening? You try to find for yourself informational essence of each event. When you concentrate and simultaneously keep in mind the required event, you achieve its realization. And simultaneously you perfect yourself in the mastery of control.2. Seven-digit number: 5831421;Nine-digit number:... [Lire la suite]
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13th day . 13ème jour . 13-й день

  13th day:1. On the thirteenth day of the month you should concentrate on discrete, separate elements of some object of the reality.Suppose you perceive some object. It may be, for example, a truck, or a palm, or a stone. It doesn’t matter what object it is. The main thing in this case is that in the chosen object you deliberately isolate some of its fragments, some parts. A truck, for example, can be imagined as consisting of many separate parts.I would like to remind you, this could be done with any forms, which are not the... [Lire la suite]
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12th day . 12ème jour . 12-й день

12th dayOn this day you concentrate on phenomena which can raise a question on creation of the whole. For example, a goose or a swan lost a feather. In this case you have to concentrate on thought what should be done in order to return it to the original place. How this could be achieved? It means you try to understand how the single whole can be created or reconstituted.Or, let’s consider another example: a leaf fell from the tree. What should be done to get it returned to its original place in order to have the tree with it in its... [Lire la suite]
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11th day . 11ème jour . 11-й день

11th day:1. On the eleventh day of the month you concentrate on phenomena which reveal interaction of animals with man. For example, you have a dog, or a cat, or some bird, let’s say a parrot, living in your house.Think, what is the deeper sense of this interaction, these contacts, and this communication? It’s from your point of view. And what about their point of view?When you become aware of the processes of perception and thinking of other participants of interaction you will be able to enter the structure of control of the... [Lire la suite]
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10th day . 10ème jour . 10-й день

10th day:On this day you practice concentration the essence of which can be expressed as follows:concentration simultaneously on all covered by you objects of external reality at a time of only one impulse of perception of all these objects.You dispose yourself to perceive simultaneously assessable to your perception objects by only one moment of perception. As a result of such momentary perception you should become aware of all these external objects.It is clear that at the initial stage of practice you may get partial perception of... [Lire la suite]
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9th day . 9ème jour . 9-й день

9th day:On the ninth day of the month you do concentration, which can be called as concentration on super-far areas of consciousness in the most approached points of your consciousness. It means that this method of concentration is as follows: the most remote areas of your consciousness you transfer to the most approached ones. This transfer should be realized in such a way that you perception from the most remote areas of consciousness would be the same as from the most approached areas of consciousness.In this case you will be able... [Lire la suite]
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8th day . 8ème jour . 8-й день

  8th day On this day you learn to control by concentrating on the consequences of the events.Imagine that you are sitting by the lake and watching a racing speedboat. The water is calm in front of it, and waves appear behind it.Let’s look at the leaf growing on the tree. This leaf can be considered as a consequence of existence of the tree. Clouds appeared and first drops of rain fell on the ground. Raindrops can be considered as a consequence of existence of the cloud.There are numerous similar examples around us. You chose... [Lire la suite]
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7th day . 7ème jour . 7-й день

  7th day:1. On the seventh day of the months you should concentrate on super far areas of consciousness. In practice we deal with them when we look at remote clouds or far objects, let’s say, at trees, or their leaves.For materialization of some object or realization of some event it is necessary to process a big volume of information. Super-far areas of consciousness provide super-fast processing of information. Thus, the more remote areas of consciousness you use the faster processing of information you may implement.The... [Lire la suite]
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6th day . 6ème jour . 6-й день

  6th day:On this day you fulfill concentration the essence of which may be worded as follows: change of structure of consciousness in density of concentration due to perception of remote objects.This way of concentration is convenient to apply when you want the required event to happen in some determined place. Then you need to concentrate your consciousness just in this area.This method can be successfully used when you vice versa do not want realizations of some situation in a certain place if you understand it as... [Lire la suite]
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