28th day . 28ème jour . 28-й день

  28th day:On this day of the month you should fulfill the same concentration as on the eighth day of the month but with one important difference. The thing is as follows.You must have noticed that on the previous day, 27th, when determining the type of concentration the numbers 2 and 7 were added: 2+7=9. In this case the situation is different. The number 28 consists of two figures: 2 and 8. In this case the number 28 should be perceived as follows: two multiplied by eight. Not adding 2 and 8, but just multiplying. It means... [Lire la suite]
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27th day . 27ème jour . 27-й день

27th day:On the twenty-seventh day of the month you should do the same concentration as on the ninth day of the month, but add to it an infinite development of each element of the concentration. Seven-digit number: 1854342;Nine-digit number: 185431201. Come to help to those who need help. Come to help to those who do not need help. Come to help yourself, if you need help. Come to help yourself if you do not need help. Look at the word “help” in its wider manifestation and look at the kindness as personification of help. You are... [Lire la suite]
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26th day . 26ème jour . 26-й день

  26th day:On this day of the month you learn to see simultaneously the whole and a part of it, the common and particular. Suppose that there is a herd of cows in front of you.You see the whole herd and simultaneously can concentrate on any cow. And understand how it lives, what it thinks about, how it will develop. Or you may look at an anthill and simultaneously at some ant.With the help of this concentration you should understand how practically with one look you could see at once the whole and its part, the common and... [Lire la suite]
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25th day . 25ème jour . 25-й день

25th day:On the twenty fifth day of the month you may concentrate on any objects at your choice, however it is important to have several various concentrations in order to have a kind of an aggregate concentration. Having analyzed this aggregate you join various objects of concentrations into groups based on some sign. For example, a tape-recorder and a cassette can be placed into one group because they add one another when they fulfill the task they are meant for. A tape-recorder and a receiver can be joined into one group, which... [Lire la suite]
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24th day . 24ème jour . 24-й день

  24th day:On this day of the month during concentration you should receive any object from a form of a man.For example, a videocassette, a fountain pen, a plant. You should see from what element of the man’s body appears let’s say, a videocassette. It means how to realize the image of a man in order to receive a videocassette.Seven-digit number: 5184325;Nine-digit number: 189543210.You have seen that reality, which you have seen. You have come to that reality, which you are. Look at all days from the first to twenty fourth and... [Lire la suite]
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23rd day . 23ème jour . 23-й день

23rd day: On the twenty-third day you should concentrate on development of all elements of reality towards realization of the tasks of the God.Seven-digit number: 8154574;Nine-digit number: 581974321. Look at the World, what should be done in it, look at you everyday affairs, see your feelings and look at them. Look, how your feelings are connected with the events, why are you looking forward, why do you feel, why do your affairs go in such a way but not another. Why can the words “another way” not be present in the World, since the... [Lire la suite]
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22nd day . 22ème jour . 22-й день

  22nd day:1. On this day of the month you should concentrate on such elements of reality which are characterized by the endless reproduction. A specific example: a notion of eternity. Or a notion of endless space.I would like to remind you once again that thinking, for example, about eternity you at the same time should construct the required event.2. Seven-digit number: 8153485;Nine-digit number: 1985167893. Your soul is a created structure; your soul is a recreated structure. Watch how your soul is being created, watch, how... [Lire la suite]
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21st day . 21ème jour . 21-й день

21st day: On the twenty-first day of the month you should concentrate on the series of numbers, going in reverse sequence. A specific example: 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, and 10. Numbers appearing in these sequences should be within the row from 1 to 31 (maximum number of days in a month.) So, there are 31 numbers at your disposal. When you compile sequences from these numbers rely upon your internal feeling. Seven-digit number: 8153517;Nine-digit number: 589148542. Watch how a mountainous stream runs down the mountains. Watch how snow... [Lire la suite]
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20th day . 20ème jour . 20-й день

20th day:On this day you should concentrate on remote areas of consciousness. Your task is to help other people.Imagine that you want to explain something to another person. To explain what he doesn’t know or doesn’t understand. As a matter of fact we know already that in reality every person possesses all knowledge, his soul initially has everything. That is why your task is to help him to realize information, which he has already got. By the way, the genuine understating is exactly connected with awareness of the knowledge available... [Lire la suite]
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19th day . 19ème jour . 19-й день

  19th day:On the nineteenth day of the month you should concentrate on phenomena of the external reality, in which something, which preliminary had existed as a single whole, turns then into aggregate of separate elements. An example of such phenomenon is a cloud, which turns into raindrops. Or another one: the crown of a tree turns into separate falling leaves.Throughout the concentration on such phenomena you are trying to find the laws due to which such development of the event could be prevented. To find such laws is the... [Lire la suite]
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