The meaning of the number zero . La signification du nombre zéro

Zero ‘‘Thus, the first method consists in creating a series of numbers by saturating, as it were, the macro-control area. That is, the numbers in this case do not contain a macro area; and you simply create a series of numbers, and you saturate it with information, for example, the macro area, specific there, of the numbers and, therefore, you also saturate some other numbers with private information and private control. That is, the numbers in this case do not, in fact, contain the control area itself. This is why two actions are... [Lire la suite]
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A geometrical system . Un système géométrique

  A geometrical system ‘‘It is the location of concrete systems in relation to perception that is of great importance: that perception can be either horizontal or vertical. This is where control takes into account the spatiality of perception, and the numbers row is viewed as a geometrical system; that is, as a complete row.’’ Book : Методика управления посредством концентрации на числах, или Создание цифровых рядов. Часть 2 – 1Author : Григорий Петрович ГРАБОВОЙTranslation into English: Sabrina   Un système... [Lire la suite]
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A universal method of accessing information . Une méthode d’accès universelle à l’information

  Clairvoyance is a universal method of accessing information.‘‘Clairvoyance is a universal method of accessing information. What could such acquisition of information be compared with? In fact, we already have something like that in our modern life. It is a global net – Internet. By dint of this net we can obtain any information within the net from any spot of the Earth. So, turns out, there is some sort of Cosmic Net, the Net of the Universe, which holds the data about absolutely everything. A person in this case can be... [Lire la suite]
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The Resurrection of People and Eternal Life From Now On Is Our Reality!

Introduction   ‘‘In this book I will tell you about my practical work on the resurrection of people. We can speak about the resurrection or the regeneration of not only people but animals, plants and any other objects as well; however, in this book I will speak primarily of the resurrection of people. For many people resurrection is something symbolic, though everyone at soul level perceives resurrection as the reality of the World existent at any time. However, many people have yet to grow spiritually to be able to perceive... [Lire la suite]
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God is in everyone's Soul . Dieu est dans l'Âme de chacun

  God is in everyone's Soul  ‘‘The issue related to the field of reincarnation will be resolved by understanding that God is in everyone's Soul. Individuals having many reincarnations in the buddhist field of collective consciousness have Souls at the same distance from God and are united in the body of God in the essence of eternal life, that is, they are identical, but the Consciousness of these peoples is different, directed towards the realization of the same tasks of eternal life. That is, in the field of connection of... [Lire la suite]
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31th day . 31ème jour . 31-й день

31st day:1. On the thirty-first day you concentrate on the separated areas of each individual volume.Let, for example, a tree grow on a certain site of the land. You realize that there is ground below, under it. There is air above it and on each side. All these separate areas join in your consciousness by your seeing in all of them the eternal reproduction of life.The life is eternal. You have to realize it.Remember about it watching the surrounding world, feeling it, dissolving in it. Realization of this Truth will come to you:YES,... [Lire la suite]
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30th day . 30ème jour . 30-й день

30th day:On this day you carry out concentration on the built platform. This concentration lays the basis for your work in the following month. You should concentrate on the harmony of the World. You should see it, find it, rejoice at it, and admire it. And at the same time you wonder how the Creator could have created everything so perfectly. You admire the harmony of the World as the consequence of perfection of the Creator. Seven-digit number: 1852143;Nine-digit number: 185219351. Principle based on which you build all the... [Lire la suite]
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29th day . 29ème jour . 29-й день

  29th day:On the twenty-ninth day you fulfill a resumptive concentration. On this day you should look at all concentrations of this month from the first day to twenty-eighth. However you should perceive them in an impulse. It’s important. The way covered within the month you take in with one single moment of perception.At this you should do a certain analysis of your work. On this day you so say create a platform for the work in the following months.You may imagine everything you have done in the form of a sphere which you... [Lire la suite]
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28th day . 28ème jour . 28-й день

  28th day:On this day of the month you should fulfill the same concentration as on the eighth day of the month but with one important difference. The thing is as follows.You must have noticed that on the previous day, 27th, when determining the type of concentration the numbers 2 and 7 were added: 2+7=9. In this case the situation is different. The number 28 consists of two figures: 2 and 8. In this case the number 28 should be perceived as follows: two multiplied by eight. Not adding 2 and 8, but just multiplying. It means... [Lire la suite]
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27th day . 27ème jour . 27-й день

27th day:On the twenty-seventh day of the month you should do the same concentration as on the ninth day of the month, but add to it an infinite development of each element of the concentration. Seven-digit number: 1854342;Nine-digit number: 185431201. Come to help to those who need help. Come to help to those who do not need help. Come to help yourself, if you need help. Come to help yourself if you do not need help. Look at the word “help” in its wider manifestation and look at the kindness as personification of help. You are... [Lire la suite]
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