The number 10 . Le nombre 10

  10th day:3. The unity of two figures: one and a new figure zero helped you to see the World initially such as if zero has already been present in figure one. When you look at one and increase it to ten by adding a zero to it, you perform an action. Thus your action and your act according to this principle should be harmonic. You should see that each of your actions may substantially increase, increase quantitatively and qualitatively each of your manifestations. You are a manifestation of the World. Harmonize it together with... [Lire la suite]
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The Soul . L'Âme

The SoulThe Soul is the substance that was created by the Creator in accordance with the eternity of the World and is a World element. The soul is firm, stable, unshakable, immovable, inviolable; it basically exists as the World organizing structure and thus it starts the reproduction of such concepts as, for example, spirit, which includes the notion of an act as well. So we may say that in one of the interpretations the acts of the soul are the spirit. Thus perfecting the spiritual base towards the World’s creative development, the... [Lire la suite]
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The gone ones care . Les disparus veillent

  The gone ones care Someone asked me a question: ‘‘Can a dead pray for the living ?’’ First of all, those who are so-called dead are not, they are just gone in an other reality of life in a subtle density and in an other space-time. Sometimes they come to meet their closed ones who lives on the planet where they were living, they meet them in other dimensions. The memories remains in the person who met a gone one during her sleep period, when the Soul goes into other dimensions of reality. It’s the case with a person I know... [Lire la suite]
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Questions and answers . Questions et réponses

  Questions and answers Good morning everyone,Some of you asked me questions related to my own path and results and about how I was introduced to the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi. So I will answer to all these questions here through this blog:I discovered by myself the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi and I worked on them without any external help.When you do everything with love, when your consciousness is available without any inner or external interference, when you have the motivation to learn and develop yourself, when you... [Lire la suite]
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The number 11 . Le nombre 11

Number 11 11th day: 3. Just as you increased one ten times by adding one round figure zero, you will receive the next number by adding figure one to one. Number 11 is personification of the World which is inside of you and which is visible to everyone. You are that essence, which is always visible to everyone; and everyone can get your harmonic experience, that one which you received in your development. Share your experience and you will get the eternal life. Book: Methods of concentration Author: GRIGORI GRABOVOI Le nombre 11... [Lire la suite]
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The number 1 . Le nombre 1

The number 1‘‘So if, for example, if I see there's a - flight number - of an airplane 85189 then the macro control system is that I kind of just simply relate a sampling of those numbers. That is, I do it in such a way that, for example, if the number 1 is at the top, it turns out, and to the left - then I, therefore, create control by relating the number, for example, 1, which is in that just number. And, generally speaking - we're using a fairly limited just number of numbers. I just simply put that number 1 in the area that... [Lire la suite]
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Application: Multidimentional mathematics . Mathématiques multidimentionnelles

  Multidimentional mathematics31804391 M72148964 U52164801  L49806429 T71906129   I67889721  D71906129   I31804391  M59871249  E55801964  N49806429 T71906129   I71290829  O55801964  N55464181  A52164801  L31804391 M55464181  A49806429 T59164801  H59871249  E31804391  M55464181  A49806429 T71906129   I49804189 C73894889 SBook :- (2003_Числовые ряды психологического нормирования_часть 2(П-Я).pdf) of Грабовой Григорий... [Lire la suite]
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Application of Grigori Grabovoi formulas

  APPLICATION OF THE PRINCIPLES OF TIME ON THE ENERGY GENERATION FORMULA Application of Grigori Grabovoi's formulas : (E=V.S) & (V=Ω.S.g/t)The principles of timeSelecting a form of timePrinciples of time are regarded as single-type elements of consciousness. Considering the time in the form of an infinitely remote object which has a cubic shape, you can get a transformation of the space in the form of the following equation:The volume of space V, is a cubic form of time Ω, multiplied by the area of the surface perceived by... [Lire la suite]
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Time is a form of space . Le temps est une forme d’espace

  ‘‘Time is a form of space.’’‘‘Le temps est une forme d’espace’’‘‘Время, это форма пространства’’Books:                                               - (APPLIED STRUCTURES OF THE CREATING FIELD OF INFORMATION) of Grigori Grabovoi - (1998_Copyright © Грабовой Г.П.,1998_Прикладные структуры создающей... [Lire la suite]
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True greatness . Grandeur véritable

  True greatness ‘‘This book helps free us from one of the greatest delusions, one of the greatest myths of our history. I refer to the myth of the existence of an objective physical reality independent of human consciousness. Such a view calls into question the true origins of the human being, deprives the human being of his true greatness and denies him his divine determination. There are still, so far, a number of other myths, other delusions that prevent people from living a full life.’’Book: (2001_Воскрешение людей и... [Lire la suite]
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