Numerology . Numérologie

Numerology ‘‘In one of the books of this series we will also speak about numerology - a symbolic numeration. The matter is, this science may be used for analysis of specific situations and for forecasting. For instance, when I, by using clairvoyance, give my conclusion on a plane’s maintenance status based on its tail number, I can see that numbers are linked to specific malfunctions. That is why numerology permits one to analyze a situation.Someone, who has not specially studied numerology, does not see, how common numbers he has... [Lire la suite]
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The structure of God's action . La structure de l'action de Dieu

The structure of God's action‘‘Hello again. The topic of my seminar today is my Teaching about God. And in this level of control, I would like to consider the structure of God's action, when God practically implements, well, his action, which is tangible, right ?...here is the personality of the human being.Therefore, the theme is: the creation of eternal space and time for eternal development. That is, in this case, I would like to show the level where God is acting and this must be seen in real time, practically.That is,... [Lire la suite]
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The Soul of God, acting outside time . L'Âme de Dieu, agissant en dehors du temps

  The Soul of God, acting outside time ‘‘Good morning everyone. The topic of today's seminar is my Teaching about God. ‘‘The control of Time’’.When we talk about the time of action, for example, yes? … a person, we consider that the time of God's action at the level of human perception coincides with the time of a person's action. In other words, a person acts in a certain system of events and she sees that God sent this event system to her: I mean, there is the Earth, right?... a platform under her feet, vegetation and so on.... [Lire la suite]
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Time is a mirror . Le temps est un miroir

  Time is a mirror‘‘And it turns out that when both God and the human being are at the same time in the same status, and they go into infinite development, time becomes controllable. That is, it will no longer be the liquid that flows out there and is probably chaotic, yes? ... in something, although there is essentially no chaos, it is here that the absence of chaos is very clearly revealed in the dynamics of, as it were, a level of the liquid phase of time. When both God and the human being act at the same time, time acquires... [Lire la suite]
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The link between comprehension and perception . Le lien entre la compréhension et la perception

The link between comprehension and perception ‘‘Comprehension 298678 919 148 – a feature of perception’’ ‘‘Comprehension 298678 919 148 – a feature of perception which existed at the level of consciousness and characterized by the personal level of perception i.e. a feature to prescribe to perceivable object or phenomenon a certain sense to denote it by words and to relate it to certain langage category.’’‘‘Perception 519714984217 – the whole reflection of things, phenomena, situations and events in their sense accessible temporal... [Lire la suite]
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Synchronicity . Synchronicité

Synchronicity ‘‘...the knowledge synchronizes our actions, we get the precise control primarily just due to knowledge.’’ ‘‘...les connaissances synchronisent nos actions, nous obtenons le contrôle précis principalement juste en raison des connaissances’’ Livre : (2001_Introductory course on the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi.pdf) de Grigori GrabovoiTraduction en Français : Sabrina Synchronicité‘‘...everything is synchronous, simultaneous, may be each in its own way, but the synchronicity is exactly in the task and in the realization... [Lire la suite]
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And when Jesus says again and again “Wake up!” . Et lorsque Jésus dit encore et encore “Réveillez-vous!”

  And when Jesus says again and again “Wake up!” ‘‘And when Jesus says again and again “Wake up!”, he means the proper sense of the word, because compared to higher states of consciousness, an ordinary state of wakefulness represents a deep sleep, nearly the same as our ordinary sleep is, compared to the state of wakefulness. And if the Kingdom of God has been attained, the rest will come, because a person who has a higher state of consciousness is free from the limitations of a three-dimensional space and time model, which is... [Lire la suite]
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You are the Light in this World . Vous êtes la Lumière dans cet Univers

You are the Light in this World''You are the Light in this World. Realize it. But your realization should not be formal, intellectual. Your entire being has to realize it. If you realize it, you will suddenly discover that you do not need to look for anything. Everything will come to you by itself.''   Vous êtes la Lumière dans cet Univers ‘‘Vous êtes la Lumière dans cet Univers. Réalisez-le. Mais votre réalisation ne devrait pas être formelle, intellectuelle. Votre être entier doit le réaliser. Si vous le réalisez, vous... [Lire la suite]
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Contact with Eternity . Contact avec l’Éternité

  Contact with Eternity‘‘The serenity, the peace and the light come from the contact with Eternity. This is the Creator who gives the one, trying to depart, such an angle of understanding of Eternity. Through the emerging light God imparts the knowledge of eternal life.’’‘‘...this principle, the principle of Eternity, acts as a bearer of light, as the light that can guide a person and evolve him.’’ Contact avec l’Éternité  ‘‘La sérénité, la paix et la lumière proviennent du contact avec l’Éternité. C'est le Créateur qui... [Lire la suite]
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Omnipresent bindings . Liens omniprésents

Omnipresent bindings‘‘And in this connection, when it comes to the creation of this technological understanding of the human Body, it is necessary to consider these omnipresent bindings, which exist in the form of instantaneous optical manifestations. For example, the creation of an organ in a human being may lead to the creation of an element of the outer Universeat the same time, as if it were an outer reality, such as the light of a distant star, a section of that light, yes?...perceived by a particular person, that is to say, the... [Lire la suite]
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