9th day . 9ème jour . 9-й день

9th day:On the ninth day of the month you do concentration, which can be called as concentration on super-far areas of consciousness in the most approached points of your consciousness. It means that this method of concentration is as follows: the most remote areas of your consciousness you transfer to the most approached ones. This transfer should be realized in such a way that you perception from the most remote areas of consciousness would be the same as from the most approached areas of consciousness.In this case you will be able... [Lire la suite]
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8th day . 8ème jour . 8-й день

  8th day On this day you learn to control by concentrating on the consequences of the events.Imagine that you are sitting by the lake and watching a racing speedboat. The water is calm in front of it, and waves appear behind it.Let’s look at the leaf growing on the tree. This leaf can be considered as a consequence of existence of the tree. Clouds appeared and first drops of rain fell on the ground. Raindrops can be considered as a consequence of existence of the cloud.There are numerous similar examples around us. You chose... [Lire la suite]
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7th day . 7ème jour . 7-й день

  7th day:1. On the seventh day of the months you should concentrate on super far areas of consciousness. In practice we deal with them when we look at remote clouds or far objects, let’s say, at trees, or their leaves.For materialization of some object or realization of some event it is necessary to process a big volume of information. Super-far areas of consciousness provide super-fast processing of information. Thus, the more remote areas of consciousness you use the faster processing of information you may implement.The... [Lire la suite]
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6th day . 6ème jour . 6-й день

  6th day:On this day you fulfill concentration the essence of which may be worded as follows: change of structure of consciousness in density of concentration due to perception of remote objects.This way of concentration is convenient to apply when you want the required event to happen in some determined place. Then you need to concentrate your consciousness just in this area.This method can be successfully used when you vice versa do not want realizations of some situation in a certain place if you understand it as... [Lire la suite]
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5th day . 5ème jour . 5-й день

5th dayOn the fifth day of the month you should concentrate on the elements of the reality which arise as a result of your interaction with other elements of the reality. I will explain what it means.When you pay attention to some object, by this, generally speaking, you concentrate your consciousness on this object. Due to connection with you this object, this element of the reality possesses a certain degree of your concentration and a certain volume of your knowledge. This object in its turn transfers to other elements of the... [Lire la suite]
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4th day . 4ème jour . 4-й день

  4th day: On this day you concentrate on crystals or stones. You can take a grain of sand as well. Let you chose, for example, a stone. So, concentrating on the stone you imagine a sphere around it. This is a sphere of information. Mentally you see all required events appearing in this sphere. You just insert the required events into this sphere. By this you implement control while doing this concentration. Seven-digit number: 5194726; Nine-digit number: 715043769. Possess that perspective of reality, which is given to you... [Lire la suite]
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3rd day . 3ème jour . 3-й день

  3rd day: 1. On the third day of the month you should carry out concentration on plants. It may be a physical plant, that one which really exists in the external reality. Then during the concentration you may just look at it. Or you can mentally imagine a plant. Then you should concentrate on its image. A method of reflection is used in this concentration.The main point of it is as follows.While concentrating on the chosen plant you imagine that the event you need is being formed in the light reflected by the plant. It’s... [Lire la suite]
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2nd day . 2ème jour . 2-й день

  2nd day:1. On this day you should carry out concentration on the little finger of the right hand. The same way as in the previous case, concentrating on the little finger of the right hand you should simultaneously keep in your consciousness that event realization of which you want to achieve.This exercise may be fulfilled several times a day. You can choose any interval between the exercises convenient to you. You may start another concentration in 20 seconds, or you may do it in an hour, or a bigger period. You may do one or... [Lire la suite]
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1st day . 1er jour . 1-й день

  1st day of the month:1. On the first day of the month you should fulfill concentration on the right foot. This concentration connects you with the supporting point in the external world. You lean on the Earth mentally. The Earth in your consciousness is a bearing support.The control in the system of complete restoration is based on the idea that the supporting point is simultaneously the point of support and the point of creation. Since it is also the point of creation, with the help of this concentration you can develop your... [Lire la suite]
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The network method of control in Eternity . La méthode réseau de contrôle dans l’Éternité

  The network method of control in Eternity When you work with Eternity objects, it is important to be able to lean against many elements. Then you will be able to choose the required access point and change it, or combine such points to form a more powerful control impulse. In this case, you should build dynamic supporting areas in front of the area where you plan to apply control. You should preliminary put the objective of control in each of these areas. Further, when you use this method, you should create in your... [Lire la suite]
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