Consciousness . Preconscious . Unconscious . Superconsciousness - Conscience . Préconscient . Inconscient . Superconscience

Consciousness 548 917 818 – the form of reflection of objective reality in individual’s psyche i.e. the highest level of psychic reflection and self-regulation: it is usually considered to be inherent in a man only as a social and historical creature. It is characterized by the fact that, the elements of the social and historical practice take place as a mediating, intermediate factors in order to build the objective (common) world view.Conscience 548 917 818 (consciente)  –  une forme de réflexion de la réalité objective... [Lire la suite]
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Psyche . The human psyche . Psyche structure . Psyche dynamic understanding . Psychism

     The human psyche: System 45959841 21918 - the composing elements of the human mental apparatus, parts of the dynamic model of the psyche.La psyché humaine : Système 45959841 21918 - l’élément composant l'appareil mental humain, partie du modèle dynamique de la psyché.ПСИХИКА ЧЕЛОВЕЧЕСКАЯ: СИСТЕМА 45959841 21918 – составные части психического аппарата человека, части динамической модели психики.Book of : Грабовой Григорий Петрович: Grabovoi Grigorii Petrovich- (2003_Числовые ряды психологического... [Lire la suite]
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Intellect . Intellect structure

  Intellect‘‘Intellect is a structure, which consolidates the reactions of consciousness, of the body, of the spirit and of the soul. This is the system of their intertwining at the perception level, informational or actual intertwining.The word ‘intertwining’, used here, gives an idea, how the reactions mentioned would be seen as a whole when taking an outside perspective.And it should be noted that consciousness, the body, the spirit and the soul exist in perception at the level of their effect, the effect on perception as... [Lire la suite]
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Self . Archetype . Soi . Archétype

  Self 549817 – A kind of center of the collective unconscious, its archetype is the central of the archetypes, a kind of image of God in the human being. An inaccessible instance in the process of individuation, the path to which in the inner space is eternal.Soi 549817 – Une sorte de centre de l'inconscient collectif, son archétype central est le centre des archétypes, une sorte d'image de Dieu dans l'être humain. Une instance inaccessible dans le processus d'individuation, le chemin vers lequel dans l'espace intérieur est... [Lire la suite]
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Soul . Âme

  Soul 598061 291319 88 – a concept reflecting historically changing views of the human and animal psyche; in religion, idealistic philosophy, and psychology, the soul is the cognitive agent and a life-giving generator.Âme 598061 291319 88 – concept reflétant l'évolution historique des conceptions de la psyché humaine et animale ; dans la religion, la philosophie idéaliste et la psychologie, l'Âme est un agent cognitif et un générateur de vie.Душа 598061 291319 88 – понятие, отражающее исторически изменявшиеся воззрения на... [Lire la suite]
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Mind . Mental

  Mind 58961431798 – is a generalized characteristic of a human being's cognitive abilities (in contrast to feelings and will). In a narrower sense, it is an individual-psychological characteristic of thinking abilities.Mental 58961431798  – caractéristique généralisée des capacités cognitives d'un être humain (par opposition aux sentiments et à la volonté). Dans un sens plus étroit, il s'agit d'une caractéristique psychologique individuelle des capacités cognitives.  УМ 58961431798 – обобщенная характеристика... [Lire la suite]
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  Cortisone (C21H28O5) - 31484121861 Glucocorticoid - stimulates gluconeogenesis. Concentrate on the entire chemical formula.   Cortisone (C21H28O5) – 31484121861 Glucocorticoïde - stimule la gluconéogenèse. Concentrez-vous sur la formule chimique complète.   Кортизон (C21H28O5) – 31484121861 Глюкокортикоид – стимулирует глюконеогенез. Концентрироваться нужно на всей химической формуле.   Book: (2001_Нормирование состава химических элементов концентрацией на чиcлах.pdf) Author: Грабовой Григорий... [Lire la suite]
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Golden rule . Règle d'or

  Golden rule 591 718 9181419 (golden rule of behavior) – people involved in the process of interpersonal interaction should be guided by the imperative rule: act toward another in such a way that it can give new strength to the other and to you. The traditional form is somewhat different: treat others as you would like others to treat you. Règle d'or 591 718 9181419 (règle d’or de comportement) – les gens, impliqués dans le processus d’interaction interpersonnelle, doivent s'appuyer sur la règle impérative : une personne doit... [Lire la suite]
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Indium . "5", "p", index «1»

  Indium - In For indium, we need to concentrate on the ending three symbols of the electronic configuration - "5", "p", index «1».   Indium - In Pour l'indium, concentrez-vous sur les trois derniers symboles de la configuration électronique - "5", "p", indice «1».   Индий – In Для индия нужно концентрироваться на оканчивающих трѐх символах электронной конфигурации – «5», «р», индексе «1».   Book: (2001_Нормирование состава химических элементов концентрацией на чиcлах.pdf)Author: Грабовой Григорий... [Lire la suite]
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Practice of cognition . Pratique cognitive

  Practice of cognition‘‘With my practical results, I proved the possibility of complete restoration of destroyed matter. This proves the necessity to develop along the path of creation. Let's follow the path of full recovery, and consider this area to be in canonical form, as a completely restored full structure. There is attention concentration for solving this problem. Consciousness comes into contact with the human body and the environment. Physical matter, as well as the human spirit, creates the reality in the orders of... [Lire la suite]
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