Âme . Conscience . Dieu - Soul . Consciousness . God

  Soul . Consciousness . God ‘‘And, in this regard, we receive that if we change one element, such as an element of Consciousness, we can influence the entire World. It means that the control of any physical or informational process is the control coming from the Soul of man, from his Consciousness, from the level before man, before the Creator, i.e., God. And when you study within the same ball how the thinking information is distributed in order to get reality at any distance, you can completely control any process just on... [Lire la suite]
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Pinpoint pulse every five minutes . Impulsion ponctuelle toutes les cinq minutes

   Pinpoint pulse every five minutes "If you consider this pinpoint pulse every five minutes in the area of the right clavicle - there is a scanning pulse going on - this is the functional property of the thyroid gland. I've only taken the clavicle now, and it's the picosecond pulse – 10-9 seconds – that shows up in five minutes. This is the information of the thyroid gland functioning. When the tissues begin to undergo changes in volumetric composition, that's when this pulse begins to distort. It begins to take on a... [Lire la suite]
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