Restoration of planet Gaïa . Restauration de la planète Gaïa

  Restoration of planet GaïaRestauration de la planète GaïaHow to restore the Firmament ?Comment restaurer le Firmament ? You can use the daily methods of concentration of Grigori GrabovoiVous pouvez utiliser les méthodes de concentration journalières de Grigori Grabovoi http://www.8888eternity8888.com/archives/2020/11/10/38642266.html The aim of using the methods of concentrationL'objectfif d'utilisation des méthodes de concentration http://www.8888eternity8888.com/archives/2020/11/10/38642277.html How to carry out a... [Lire la suite]
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Consciousness . Preconscious . Unconscious . Superconsciousness - Conscience . Préconscient . Inconscient . Superconscience

Consciousness 548 917 818 – the form of reflection of objective reality in individual’s psyche i.e. the highest level of psychic reflection and self-regulation: it is usually considered to be inherent in a man only as a social and historical creature. It is characterized by the fact that, the elements of the social and historical practice take place as a mediating, intermediate factors in order to build the objective (common) world view.Conscience 548 917 818 (consciente)  –  une forme de réflexion de la réalité objective... [Lire la suite]
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Psyche . The human psyche . Psyche structure . Psyche dynamic understanding . Psychism

     The human psyche: System 45959841 21918 - the composing elements of the human mental apparatus, parts of the dynamic model of the psyche.La psyché humaine : Système 45959841 21918 - l’élément composant l'appareil mental humain, partie du modèle dynamique de la psyché.ПСИХИКА ЧЕЛОВЕЧЕСКАЯ: СИСТЕМА 45959841 21918 – составные части психического аппарата человека, части динамической модели психики.Book of : Грабовой Григорий Петрович: Grabovoi Grigorii Petrovich- (2003_Числовые ряды психологического... [Lire la suite]
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Intellect . Intellect structure

  Intellect‘‘Intellect is a structure, which consolidates the reactions of consciousness, of the body, of the spirit and of the soul. This is the system of their intertwining at the perception level, informational or actual intertwining.The word ‘intertwining’, used here, gives an idea, how the reactions mentioned would be seen as a whole when taking an outside perspective.And it should be noted that consciousness, the body, the spirit and the soul exist in perception at the level of their effect, the effect on perception as... [Lire la suite]
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