While recovering the matter of a man by means of concentration on number rows the following methods can be used:

1) Read the row numbers appropriate to the matter being restored written down after the matter name;

2) Mentally pronounce the row numbers appropriate to the matter being restored;

3) Look at the image or the name of a matter and mentally pronounce the numbers of the corresponding row;

4) Imagine that You are between the row numbers of a big size appropriate to the recreated matter. You should strive to perceive clearly the numbers between which you imagine yourself. The light from these numbers can reach You. It's possible to perform actions with any row numbers.

5) Imagine that You look at the number row from the top.

6) Imagine the number row in the area that You are restoring. For this we need to use the image of a matter given in this book over the number row which You apply.

7) Imagine the number row between the image of the matter and a part of the mirror reflection given in this book which are located over the applied number row.

8) Comparing rows numbers You can define controlling interconnection between different human matter in the direction of the norm. You can restore the matter with the use of the other matter's row. In this case when applying the number row of a matter which is recovered You can use other matter's number row simultaneously or in sequence. From the number row of the other matter at first, You can concentrate on the numbers coincident with the row numbers of the recovered matter. Then You can use all the number row of the other matter having mentally constructed the light ray from it crossing the number row of matter or the matter itself that You are restoring. In the case of perception of high speed restorative effect You can define the following, after the restorable matter itself, a point or a region in the body through which the restorable matter creates. This next point or region in such case will be in a different matter and by means of its number row Your chosen matter will be restored. There could be a lot of such next points or areas through which the creation of matter is made. The first point or the creation area of the chosen matter is in the matter itself. Having installed the points or the areas of restored matter's creation by means of using number rows You can restore the matter concentrating on these points or areas. And the spiritual state corresponding to the recovery and the norm of chosen matter is established. Remembering and setting such a spirit state you can restore the matter by means of spirit which is life creating Holly Spirit in this case. Then you can extend such a spiritual act on all the matter of organism taking into account external events and reach the spirit state corresponding to the eternal development. In certain cases, depending on the angle of perception, different number rows may correspond to the matter being restored.

9) In order to accelerate the restoration of man's matter it's possible to perceive the gaps in the number rows as gaps between words in a sentence. Then behind total row's each numerical component separated by gap You can distinguish the word which means the normal functioning of the matter to which the row corresponds. It's possible to perceive the Creator's level creating the matter corresponding to the number row and the matter of the
whole organism trying to perceive such a word. The light creating the matter corresponding to the number row emanate according to the laws of optics to the whole other matter of the human organism and to the environment. Here You can understand why some feelings and emotions are perceived as external. This allows You to identify more accurately where at the level of events control it's necessary to act on the basis of interaction of organism's tissues and where on the basis of interaction of matter of organism and environment. This method of exact recognition allows you to control events more efficiently to reach the level of the normal state of the organism's matter regardless of any circumstances. In this way, You simultaneously perceive the tissue of the organism and the events surrounding a man as if You look at the described from physical eyesight. And depending on the situation You can take a decision how to act in the direction of the eternal development. In some cases You can perform physical acts and in other cases to perform spiritual act in order to normalize events in the direction of eternal life. Such a perception develops Your spirit, soul and physical body to the level at which the creation of man's matter is made on spiritual basis. Figures allow to get the exact spiritual condition corresponding to the norm of man's matter. In order to intensify control You can use well-known, that is widely used in the collective consciousness, the knowledge of the physics about corpuscular-wave dualism of matter, according to which any object can show both wave properties and the properties of the particles of matter. Creating by concentration on the number rows the light waves corresponding to the norm of man's matter You create a normally functioning matter of man. All the methods of recovery of man's matter by concentration on the number rows given in this book can be applied with the preventive medical purpose, for rejuvenation, if it is necessary to restore the matter, regardless of the initial data, on the basis of which the matter is restored. When applying the methods (see points1-8 of the Introduction) You can consider the following:

   1. With the preventive purpose it is expedient when working on restoring health to simultaneously extend the effect of concentration on number rows into the future.

   2. When working on rejuvenation it is expedient at first consistently concentrate on number rows located in the content of the book, taking into consideration the task of eternal development, then concentrate on the matter which You locally rejuvenate.

   3. Restoring the matter of the body You can perform concentration on number rows consistently through various ways given in the book. In the process You can use number rows corresponding to the matter being restored as well as number rows corresponding to the area of which the matter being regenerated is part of.

   4. If it is necessary to regenerate the matter after biological death, then it is necessary to concentrate on the numbers consistently at first from left to right, then in reverse order – from right to left.
Spiritual impulse creating man's matter allows to expand the methods of restoration. Restoring the matter of a person, You must strive to develop the spiritual level to reach the state when the matter of a man is created and functions by spiritual action, along with the biological and event principles. Such a spiritual state when applying the ways of eternal development must ensure full recovery of man's matter regardless of the initial data and any circumstances.

Recovery of man's matter by number rows
Book 1 & Book 2
Author: Grigori Grabovoi