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  Updates . Mises à jour     Updates of picturesChromiumhttp://www.8888eternity8888.com/archives/2022/06/09/39511811.htmlIndiumhttp://www.8888eternity8888.com/archives/2022/03/11/39383686.htmlLanthanumhttp://www.8888eternity8888.com/archives/2022/03/04/39371633.htmlCortisonehttp://www.8888eternity8888.com/archives/2022/03/30/39411494.html          
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If you focus on Nine . Si vous vous concentrez sur Neuf

  If you focus on Nine Part 5So it's a kind of algorithmic diagnosis, but it's really very simple - you just have to write out what number corresponds to what. It's the same way you can diagnose any machine, and, generally speaking, any event. That is, it is the universalism of this diagnosis that makes it possible to write the date of the event - even future events. There is, for example, the year, the time, the date. And in the same way, a series of numbers to establish a diagnosis by making the event a control element. That... [Lire la suite]
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The main concentration should be done on the number zero . La concentration principale devrait s’effectuer sur le nombre zéro

  The main concentration must be on the number zero Part 4And then you see how the control goes. This is, in general, a control in terms of diagnostics; and at the same time, a control to avoid a catastrophe there. And here, precisely in order not to have a catastrophic level of information development, the main concentration should be done on the number ZERO. That is, inside ZERO, where number 9 exists, you first control that no catastrophe happens with the plane. Then you already make a control, as if moving in a number row... [Lire la suite]
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Statement by Office of John F. Kennedy Jr.

Madison, WIStatement by Office of John F. Kennedy Jr.    
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To fix this system with your Consciousness . Fixer ce système avec votre Conscience

  All you have to do is to fix this system with your Consciousness Part 3I'm only tracking levels - just like private task levels. That is, to the right and to the bottom. And in doing so, I can designate, for example, all the systems of the aircraft in such a way that, for example, the bottom row, which is, like, to the right of zero; and the right row is the one that corresponds, for example, to the level, so, of the main systems. And the lower row is the level of some kind of private, specific, well, in general, problems... [Lire la suite]
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A kind of crystallization system . Une sorte de système de cristallisation

  A kind of crystallization system Part 2That is to say, here we have... it's the location of the specific systems in relation to the perception that's important: this perception can be either horizontal or vertical. This is where the control takes into account the spatiality of perception, and the number series is seen precisely as a geometric system; that is, as a complete series. And so if we look at this system in this way - then 85189, to the left of one will be 85, and to the right will be 89 – if that's from above. And... [Lire la suite]
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Diagnosis of planes by aircraft numbers . Diagnostic d’avions par numéros d'avions

Diagnosis of planes by aircraft numbers Part 1 ‘‘In terms of practice - I'll show an element of control that in this case can be sort of additionally spread in terms of a particular practice. I had this 07 / 92 protocol-it's on page 41 of the three-volume "The Practice of Control. The Way of Salvation." It's in the first volume (see Appendix at the end of the seminar, page 19). And in that protocol, I did a diagnosis of planes by flight numbers. So, in this case, generally speaking, only the airplane number was given. And in this... [Lire la suite]
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The number 8 . Le nombre 8

  The number 8‘‘The next level is to fold the structure into, actually, a spherical element. But you can roll it up so that you don't have to control the whole system. You can fold it so as to build a figure of eight. And all of the construction that I have outlined, you can bring it into the bottom part of the eight. Then the construction is only on the number eight. So then you get control through the number 8 - but this number contains quite a lot of levels of control, which follow each other exactly in the form of a cross,... [Lire la suite]
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Controlling clairvoyance . Le contrôle de la clairvoyance

Controlling clairvoyance‘‘For the development of impulse, i.e., quick development, of controlling clairvoyance, which will enable you to quickly resolve many issues and in a short necessary period of time to ensure eternal life to resolve all issues, the number series is as follows: you should imagine, on the small ball, the numbers of bright silver color, the following numbers: 481597. Then the number series continues as a streak to the big ball, but the number will be of blue color: and the numbers are as follows: 6184. Try to... [Lire la suite]
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♪♩Eternal Life ♪♩

  HelloSince the video which I gave the link in the following post Testimony: Solar flare of June 5, 2014 has disappeared from YouTube, you are welcome to come to Telegram.That being said, it is better to download the Telegram application directly from the Telegram website https://telegram.org/ so that your freedom of expression is respected.This way, you can once again find the censored video on the following Telegram Channel: ♪♩Eternal Life ♪♩https://t.me/EternalLifeVieEternelleThank you for signing up and sharing this... [Lire la suite]
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