Nine, zero, cross . Neuf, zéro, croix

  Nine, zero, cross ‘‘This is the principle of speed in consciousness - it characterizes : the next level in the construction of number series in this first method of control by numbers, so that the series of numbers should be located as systematically as possible and more harmoniously in relation to zero. Therefore, if we place a series of numbers in such a way that one number - from one to four, for example - is vertically upwards, from top to bottom - that is, we construct, so to speak, two series of numbers in this... [Lire la suite]
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  ‘‘It is known that a miracle doesn’t conflict with the laws of Nature, a miracle conflicts with our idea of Nature’s laws.’’   ‘‘Il est connu qu'un miracle n'entre pas en conflit avec les lois de la Nature, un miracle entre en conflit avec notre idée des lois de la Nature’’   Book : The Resurrection of People and Eternal Life From Now On Is Our Reality! Author : Grigori Grabovoi Traduction : Sabrina   Miracle of Yogis .. Flying Siddha at Thiruvannamalai        
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The meaning of the number zero . La signification du nombre zéro

Zero ‘‘Thus, the first method consists in creating a series of numbers by saturating, as it were, the macro-control area. That is, the numbers in this case do not contain a macro area; and you simply create a series of numbers, and you saturate it with information, for example, the macro area, specific there, of the numbers and, therefore, you also saturate some other numbers with private information and private control. That is, the numbers in this case do not, in fact, contain the control area itself. This is why two actions are... [Lire la suite]
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A geometrical system . Un système géométrique

  A geometrical system ‘‘It is the location of concrete systems in relation to perception that is of great importance: that perception can be either horizontal or vertical. This is where control takes into account the spatiality of perception, and the numbers row is viewed as a geometrical system; that is, as a complete row.’’ Book : Методика управления посредством концентрации на числах, или Создание цифровых рядов. Часть 2 – 1Author : Григорий Петрович ГРАБОВОЙTranslation into English: Sabrina   Un système... [Lire la suite]
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A universal method of accessing information . Une méthode d’accès universelle à l’information

  Clairvoyance is a universal method of accessing information.‘‘Clairvoyance is a universal method of accessing information. What could such acquisition of information be compared with? In fact, we already have something like that in our modern life. It is a global net – Internet. By dint of this net we can obtain any information within the net from any spot of the Earth. So, turns out, there is some sort of Cosmic Net, the Net of the Universe, which holds the data about absolutely everything. A person in this case can be... [Lire la suite]
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