1st day . 1er jour . 1-й день

  1st day of the month:1. On the first day of the month you should fulfill concentration on the right foot. This concentration connects you with the supporting point in the external world. You lean on the Earth mentally. The Earth in your consciousness is a bearing support.The control in the system of complete restoration is based on the idea that the supporting point is simultaneously the point of support and the point of creation. Since it is also the point of creation, with the help of this concentration you can develop your... [Lire la suite]
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The network method of control in Eternity . La méthode réseau de contrôle dans l’Éternité

  The network method of control in Eternity When you work with Eternity objects, it is important to be able to lean against many elements. Then you will be able to choose the required access point and change it, or combine such points to form a more powerful control impulse. In this case, you should build dynamic supporting areas in front of the area where you plan to apply control. You should preliminary put the objective of control in each of these areas. Further, when you use this method, you should create in your... [Lire la suite]
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The technology of Eternal Life . La technologie de la Vie Éternelle

The technology of Eternal Life All should live eternally. Accordingly, everyone has to master the knowledge of how to live eternally. For this, we have to introduce the technology of Eternal Life everywhere. The eternal Creator forms the eternal. Any education should include knowledge that ensures Eternal Life. We think about the eternal because we can live eternally. The perceived idea of Eternal Life includes the technology to achieve it. Regard your thought from an infinitely distant state and you will see yourself as if in a... [Lire la suite]
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